British Dragon is a pharmaceutical manufacturer dedicated to manufacturing high quality products. To sustain and even improve the quality of our products our Research & Development Team is continuously working out new methods for manufacturing and testing of our initial products as well as working on development and testing of new hormone related products.




British Dragon will initially manufacture only generic pharmaceutical products in strict accordance with WHO-GMP manufacturing Practices. Generic product is a product developed by a third party Company who’s patent has expired. For a generic product to comply it has to contain the exact same amount of active ingredient as well as exact portions of excipients and solvents as in the original drug.




British Dragon also plans to manufacture and register its own, proprietary licensed products. The products are currently being developed by our R&D department and Clinical trials are expected to begin early 2010. Given the work-load, time required for the clinical trials, final authorization, etc, British Dragon Proprietary products are not expected to be released before 2011.